College Rules and Regulations

Keeping in view the aims and objectives of the College, students who are admitted in the College are obliged to observe and follow its rules, regulations and traditions.

  1. Ragging of any sort will not be tolerated in the College campus. Such cases, if any, will be investigated by the anti-ragging committee of the College. Anyone found guilty will be expelled from the College.

  2. All students must conduct themselves in a becoming manner both in and outside the college. They are held responsible to the Principal for their behaviour.

  3. In subordination or serious misconduct will be sufficient reason for expulsion.

  4. The student concerned must pay for damage of any kind to the college property. A student who is found guilty of damaging the classrooms, making incisions on the table, writing on the wall, damaging the chalk board, spitting, etc. will be fined.

  5. Smoking or chewing of pan is not permitted in the campus. Gambling or the use or possession of alcohol and drug in the college is forbidden.

  6. Mobile phones are not to be used within the college building (Classrooms, Library, Corridors, Exam Halls etc.). Violation of this may lead to the mobile sets being confiscated. Users of mobile phones (outside the college building) with MMS facility should respect people’s right to privacy.

  7. When students leave the classroom, they must turn off all the lights in the classroom.

  8. Students are required to carry with them their College Identity Cards. Students may be debarred from entering the College premises if they do not produce the College Identity Card on demand. During University Examinations, all College functions and College tests the College Identity Card must be produced. All students must produce the College Identity Card at the College gate in order to enter the College for attending classes. An Identity Card without the student’s photograph, College seal and signature of the Principal will not be valid.

  9. Non-resident students who do not live with their parents or a natural guardian must make satisfactory living arrangements with local guardians approved by the parents and the Principal. Students may not change their local guardians without the written permission of their parents and the Principal.

  10. All College excursions or outings on working days require the prior written sanction of the Principal.

  11. All the activities of the College should have the sanction of the Dean.

  12. Students are not allowed to play for any club or group outside the College without the written permission of the Principal.

  13. Following the educational ethos of a Jesuit College, we do not encourage our teachers taking tuition for remuneration. If needed, special classes will be arranged for needy students.

  14. Students are not allowed to bring outsiders into the classrooms, Library or any function of the College without the written permission of the Principal.

  15. It is important that students keep the College campus clean, throw litter in the bins provided.

Notice Board
Students should take great care to read the College Notice Board in the morning and the afternoon. No excuse will be considered if Notices on the Board are ignored.


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